In addition to saving you money on your own purchases, pays you for purchases other people make

What is cash back and where does it come from?

The short answer is that retailers themselves provide the money for cash back. The longer answer is that each year, retailers spend billions of dollars on advertising. This advertising includes traditional advertising mediums such as TV commercials and print media, as well as online advertising. In fact, paying you cash back for your purchase is actually less expensive for the retailer. It’s a win-win.

Did you know that in most cases, when you make a purchase online, that retailer is paying a commission to the site that referred you?

That’s right, if you arrive at a retailer’s site by clicking on an advertisement, from a search or from a link on another website, that site is most likely getting a commission on your purchase.

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be easier:

Once you have your free membership, simply invite friends and family to create their own accounts. Share invitations via email, social media,Youtube, and anyone who joins using your referral code will be automatically added to your network.

Then any time they shop with one of our online merchants, you’ll both earn cash back on what they buy. And it gets even better: you’ll also earn money when people they refer shop, and when people those people refer shop, and so on up to four levels. Please Note: All transactions are done on the merchants website not on the website.

Why Make Money with

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s risk-free. But here is another reason:

Supplement Your Income

Do you know anyone who couldn’t use a little extra cash every now and then? Neither do we. helps you save and earn money, and it helps your friends and family save and earn money–and it doesn’t cost anyone a thing.

How would you like to earn real money just by helping others save with Thecbdoilreview?

Once you’ve earned cash back through, why not help your friends earn cash back for themselves? Start building your referrals and we will pay (Level 1) 100% of the posted commission, (Level 2 ) 66% of (Level 1) commission, (Level 3) 33% of (Level 1) commission, and (Level 4) 16% of  (Level 1) commission. That’s it! There is no small print, no usage requirements, and no cost! Just refer your friends and you will earn commission every time they shop.


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