Privacy Policy

We hold only a minimal amount of information on each registered member.

To register as a member, we only require an email address and a password. Prior to sending any payments, we will also require relevant account details in order to give you your money via PayPal.

We only hold information in order to allow users to log into and run their accounts. We will also keep accounts updated with cashback levels. Registered users may update their account details online by following the relevant links from within their account page.

Member usernames and basic related statistics may occasionally be exposed. Examples of this include where a person has followed your referral link, they may see your name.

  1. We may examine traffic patterns in order to improve our services, to help monitor purchases and cashback and keep accounts up to date.
  2. We do not send junk email or spam. We may send emails with site updates or offers, but users will be able to specify the type of emails they receive.
  3. We do not pass users details on to third parties, unless specifically requested to do so by the users.
  4. An exception to the above is that we may pass your details on to the merchants or their agents for verification of transactions only and for fraud prevention measures. Any details passed on will not be used for marketing or any other purposes.

We aim to be very flexible and transparent in the use of members details. If users wish for their account to be deleted or amended in any way – or if they wish to prevent us from using their information for any purposes, either as initially stated or for any new purposes – then they may contact us using our contact form and we will endeavor to comply with their wishes.

If any user feels this site is not following its stated information policy, then they may inform us through our contact form.

How Secure Is Your Data Held By Us? At, we treat the security of your data extremely seriously and have a number of measures in place to ensure that your data isn’t compromised or accessed unless absolutely necessary to offer our services

All of our data is held on secure servers and password/payment details are encrypted. Only staff members of have access to this data and they may only see the PayPal E-Mail address.

Cookie Policy-We recommend that all users enable cookies in their browsers to make full use of the site and to ensure that any purchases on third party websites are recorded. Cookies are small pieces of data or information that are stored by a user’s browser on to their hard-drive. The information cannot be seen by any other websites (so the information is secure) and is used by us to provide features to aid the use of our services.

If users do not have cookies enabled, it is likely that third-party merchants will not record some of their purchases.

If a user can log into our site, then they most likely have cookies enabled.

Subscription- We do not share or rent email addresses or information, further you are able to unsubscribe at any time from our various email types which range from service emails through to offers, newsletters and blog updates. You are also able to unsubscribe from our site at any time. Please visit your account settings to view these preferences.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns, please first use our contact form to get in touch.

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