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Our Healthy Hemp Oil products are pure & clean and Lab Tested non genetically modified (non-gmo) grown only with sustainable practices without the use of pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers on unspoiled tracts of farm land. Only Full Spectrum entourage Terpenes, Essential Oils and other Phyto-Nutrient compounds of the original beneficial plant are used so the health benefits of cbd can be more fully realized.


NutraHemp delivers trusted, powerful, all-natural health and wellness products that help people live better lives.
CBD Essence medical grade hemp extraction

It was Don’s diagnosis of ADHD and JRA that led him to start researching health, nutrition, and fitness, and discover the healing power of herbs and botanicals. For the past 30 years, the habit of continually improving his diet and researching nutrition, has steered both his education and career, ultimately leading him to CBDs and what he names his “healthy calling.” In 2015, while connecting his personal affinity for cannabis with his technical background and extensive experience in manufacturing, Don launched NutraHemp, Inc. – the parent company for several brands of legal cannabis edibles and nutraceutical supplements, including CBD Essence®, HempsPets®, HempTaffy®, and HempChillPill®.  

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