Half Day CBD

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Our Mission

To promote physical and mental wellness for all by providing high-quality, trustworthy hemp-derived products. We’re dedicated to supporting American farmers and processors and committed to growing the industry through education, research and compliance.


About Half Day CBD

Half Day was founded by Dave and Kam, two friends inspired by the promise of CBD as a healthy answer to some of life’s most common stresses and ailments. Equally invigorating: the opportunity it brings for independent farmers—and their communities. It’s why we’re driven to create the highest-quality, most trustworthy hemp-derived products, sourced directly from American farmers and processors. All so you can take a Half Day—and enjoy a full life. Click below to learn more about our CBD oil production process.

Quality control

Half Day’s CBD products are American-grown, pesticide-free, and put through rigorous scientific testing to ensure consistency, potency and safety.


From seed to sale, complete information—plant origin, processing method, bottling information and more—is available here.


We adhere to strict food safety standards and employ a licensed food safety manager to oversee all production in a certified bottling facility in Chicago.​

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