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All of our products contain testing documentation and are 100% hemp derived and legal in the united states and most countries around the world. We are 100% transparent with our products and business.



We REALLY CARE About Your Wellbeing & The Quality Of Products We Offer

SOL✿CBD Brand Manifesto

As stewards of CBD and the plant it comes from we will not compromise on integrity and will be transparent and honest.

Our core mission of helping others and delivering a superior product will always trump financial gain.

Because we are a community, we will listen to your feedback and do our best to improve each and every day.

Our product will be the best in the marketplace, we will not compromise on quality.

We will provide education so that your buying decision is an informed one.

We will do our best to keep our prices as low as possible so that more people can access this incredible plant.

We will provide those with low income the ability to access our products at cost and will donate as much product as possible.

Our top priority is you and our customer service will reflect our desire to provide the smoothest buying experience possible.

We understand trust is earned and we’ll work hard to prove our worthiness.


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