Cruz Hemp

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Experience Life at a Higher Standard

Cruz Hemp is dedicated to positive transformation through effective plant based formulas for everyday needs from skin care to post work out relief. Modern scientific discoveries, such as the endocannabinoid system, are key in our own transformation of our quality of life. We trust that our products will make a difference in your quality of life, enhance your performance and provide lasting results. 

Next Generation CBD

Our formula has illuminated the path and set new standards with our customers. Greater than 98% potency, Cruz Hemp’s CBD isolate is extracted in a highly controlled environment and refined to exquisite industry leading purity and consistency. Always THC free, Non-GMO, and Certified Organic when possible. We invite you to experience Cruz Hemp’s next generation CBD products, we are confident that you will find our products to be effective, superior in quality and support you living your best life.

Essential Oils

Cruz Hemp brings you The Power of Nature in a Bottle through our formulated products that are rich in essential oils. Our sustainably sourced essential oils are blended to improve skin vitality, provide therapeutic value and skincare solutions with lasting value. Always lab tested for quality and purity we are dedicated to creating plant powered products that deliver maximum value.