Dr. Zogg's Amazing CBD

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Dr. Zogg’s was created in tribute to the original pioneering medical professionals who brought the healing properties of cannabis to America.

It’s not widely known, but hemp was legally administered to patients for over 150 years since the founding of America.  Unfortunately, in 1937 the US government passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which made the use of hemp-derived products illegal, even though they did not contain meaningful levels of the psychoactive component THC. Doctors of the time who used hemp in their practice were often ridiculed and ostracized from the medical community.

We wish to thank these trailblazers for their pioneering groundwork and many sacrifices, which ultimately led to the re-legalization of hemp and subsequent use of CBD in America.


Dr. Zogg’s is the most advanced topical CBD available today. Made from premium Colorado hemp, Dr. Zogg’s uses patented, next-generation science to bring you a multi-purpose CBD relief spray that goes on cleaner, absorbs more fully and delivers a broader spectrum of benefits.