Feel Oki

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We know life can be demanding – that’s why Oki contains broad spectrum hemp extract with CBD. We want you to be able to relax, and discover the quiet strength that gives you the calm and focus you need to meet the day head-on. Whether recovering from a workout or getting ready for the day ahead, we aim to help you feel positive, upbeat and enthused.

Calm is powerful. We believe that taking a moment to explore new paths gives us the strength we need to create change, both for ourselves and the world around us. When we discover our inner harmony, we become free to focus on what’s important – to innovate, lead, and be ourselves.

Broad spectrum hemp extract is the same stuff you’ve probably heard of, and it’s all natural. There’s 20mg of CBD in each of our bottles, which ensures you feel gently refreshed, renewed and revitalized. And everything is completely natural and plant-based, which means there’s absolutely no GMO and it’s all completely vegan. But that’s enough about us. This is all about you. So, take a moment to reflect, recover and feel Oki.