Green Infused CBD

The Green Infused Difference:

Consistently Awesome

Our farm – 1,500 acres in Eaton Colorado dedicated to hemp production.  We only use organic farming practices certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (see “certified quality”).

We partnered with Colorado State University to develop a strain of seed with the highest concentration of CBD in the country, this is the only seed that is used. All of our CBD is sourced from our farm, nothing is imported.  Guaranteeing a consistent product.

All the CBD without THC

From seed through manufacturing – our product goes through several cycles of testing to ensure it is THC free. Every bottle is serial numbered, and that serial number can be traced throughout each process back to the planting. Assuring the highest CBD quality available anywhere.

Tested and retested

Every finished batch goes through a final test assuring our CBD concentration listed. All finished batches of CBD are documented with those results. As you can see from our sample tests we consistently provide CBD concentrations that exceed our labels (see “certified quality”).

That's ours as well......

The farm, manufacturing facility, warehousing, and distribution it's all Green Infused. From the seed to your home, we control it all. So, when you use our product you can expect the same result every time.