Mission Farms CBD

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At Mission Farms CBD our hemp is grown outside of Bend, Oregon, in what we affectionately call the “Napa Valley of Hemp.”

We have had many hemp farmers and buyers from around the world visit our farms and tell us that we have the highest quality hemp in the whole country. “Yup,” we tell them, “It’s happy hemp!”

If you were a hemp plant in our field you would be happy too, eagerly producing the most CBD and nutrient-rich extract in the world.

Our Hemp is . . .

  • Grown in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil
  • Soaked with the natural sunlight of our summer climate
  • Fed daily by the waters of the Deschutes River
  • Therapeutic grade for the most medical benefits
  • Pesticide-free, chemical-free, and all-natural
  • Planted and tended by hand

And what about the other ingredients we use? That sets us apart from most CBD companies as well. Look at the label on any of our products that go in your body. We only use organic flavorings and essential oils.