Santeer | CBD Products

 Santeer CBD Solving Market Needs

Based on the market insights and needs and also driven by our core philosophy we came up with a summary of what we needed to do.

– Create a solution for more robust and soluble CBD product

– Create products that have defined outcomes

– Create a total product package that makes the customer experience simple, straightforward, and trustworthy

– Create strategic partnerships within the supply chain

In short:

– Solubility

– Desired Outcome

– Customer Experience


– Oral Delivery Format: Chewable tablet

– Simple, natural, Vegan, short ingredient list

– Child resistant tablet container

– Clear, easy to understand branding and usage

– Long shelf life without restrictions on heat, cold, humidity, sunlight, etc…

– No battery, no counting drops, no broken glass, no leaking cartridge, no stuck together gummies, no settling liquids, no single use water bottles, no difficult to pronounce chemicals…

– Develop technology, product and business model that gives fair margin for all parts of the supply chain

– ‘Plug and Play’ product line for wholesalers, retailers and private label partners

A company and brand needed to be created that spoke to an active, outdoor life style and that was approachable and trustworthy for first time CBD users

– The name Santeer was chosen as a new, created word that combines santé, the French term for health and the suffix -eer which means ‘denoting concern or involvement in’

– Labeling and branding would incorporate nature themes and bright engaging colors

– All products use some form of the Prism designed technology having highly soluble hemp oil/CBD formulations

– All products imbue a sense of ‘Adventure Ready’