Transcend Labs

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About Transcend Labs CBD Products

Our mission is to provide CBD consumers with products that are high quality, super potent, and 100% full spectrum. CBD can truly be life changing, but there are a lot of companies out there delivering low quality products that lack potency. Most CBD products available now are either broad spectrum-based, isolate-based, under-dosed, or over-priced…we’re here to change that.

What Makes Transcend Different?

Transcend is the only company in the CBD space that provides all three of the most efficient CBD delivery methods in Full Spectrum: Tinctures, Gummies, and Topical Cream. These three CBD delivery systems are both the most popular and the most, our dosages are 32% higher than the industry average.

No other company in the CBD industry is able to provide these three products with a Full Spectrum CBD base. Most companies use CBD Isolate because it saves them money, and it’s much easier to manufacture.

Plus, with the standard dosage size for CBD oil across the CBD market being 25 MG per serving, we provide an extra strength dosage that is 32% higher than average at 33 MG per serving. Through extensive testing, we have found that this serving size is optimal for anxiety relief.

Why Choose Transcend As Your CBD Supplier?

At Transcend, we were willing to go the extra mile and pay the extra money to ensure ALL of our products contain 100% pure Full Spectrum CBD. We spent a lot of time and money perfecting our formulas because we care about our customers, not about saving time and money.